Norgen Biotek Launches Webinar Series

On Wednesday February 20th, 2019 Norgen Biotek launched their first webinar, marking the beginning of a series of webinars scheduled for 2019. Dr. Moemen Abdalla, a senior research and development scientist with Norgen Biotek Corp., presented the first talk titled ‘Recent Advances in the Preservation and Purification of Plasma cf-DNA and cf-RNA’.

In this webinar, Dr. Abdalla spoke in detail about circulating nucleic acids and their importance in clinical applications. He highlighted a recent publication comparing different blood collection and preservation tubes along with two publications comparing Norgen Biotek’s cf-RNA/cf-DNA purification technologies against other technologies. Dr. Abdalla also spoke about revised guidelines for nucleic acid quantification (pdf. application note below) from liquid biopsy samples when nucleic acid levels fall below the level of detection of traditional instruments. To view or download this webinar and access exclusive promo codes, please visit the link at the bottom of the page.

Tune in to Norgen Biotek’s webinar series in the upcoming months for more opportunities to discover solutions to research challenges and learn about modern advances in technology and applications. Upcoming webinars will cover exciting topics in research featuring exosomes and exosomal RNA purification, automation and ultra-low library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing.

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