Webinar 2: Comprehensive Coverage of Exosome Purification and Exosomal RNA Isolation from Different Types of Liquid Biopsies

On April 17th and 18th, Norgen Biotek presented their second webinar: “Comprehensive Coverage of Exosome Purification and Exosomal RNA Isolation from Different Type of Liquid Biopsies”. Bastien Paré – a member of the R&D team, who works extensively with liquid biopsies, exosomes, RNA purifications, and small RNA NGS – facilitated the exosomal-related webinar in French and English. Topics included exosomal RNA purification kits, RNA purification technology, miRNA profiling using NGS, and quantification of nucleic acids from low input liquid biopsies and challenging samples. Exosomes are small membranous extracellular vesicles with a diameter of 40 to 100 nanometers. Exosomes can be isolated from cell culture media and bodily fluids such as urine, plasma/serum, saliva, as well as cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Exosomes contain an array of different proteins: some are specific to the cell type of origin – the cell type that secretes the exosomes – while others are common across all exosomes, such as CD63. Exosomes can be considered cellular messengers for intercellular communication both locally and systemically.   In addition to their protein content, these vesicles have been shown to contain mRNAs, as well as miRNAs. [Abstract: Bellingham et al. Front. Physiol., 3:124 (2012)] Many researchers are interested in exosomal RNA content as these miRNAs have been found to be unique biomarkers of different pathologies. NGS for Small RNA is commonly utilized as a technique for sequencing small RNA species at unprecedented sensitivity for discovery of novel biomarkers.

1Maas, S. L., Breakefield, X. O., & Weaver, A. M. (2017). Extracellular vesicles: unique intercellular delivery vehicles. Trends in Cell Biology, 27(3), 172-188.

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The webinar was followed by a Q&A, when Bastien was joined by Dr. Moemen Abdalla. Of note: Norgen’s Application Note 47 was explained further to highlight the importance of RIN value, sample quality for RNA isolated from diverse biological samples, contamination ratios, and the impact of RNA concentration on accepted RNA quality measurements within exosomal research. Webinar downloads and transcript are available now. You can still ask follow-up questions at techsupport@norgenbiotek.com. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @norgenbiotek to stay up-to-date about current Norgen research, conference attendances, and events.


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